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Science Serving Maryland's Coasts

Fellowship Experiences

A blog by and about students supported by Maryland Sea Grant

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Photograph by Debbie Hinkle
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Zachary on Rock Creek

Bubble, Bubble: A Community's Fix for Bad Smells Offers a Unique Research Opportunity

Zachary Gotthardt • June 20, 2017
On a small tributary of the Patapsco River in Pasadena, Maryland, an avid community of fishermen and boaters frequent the waters daily during the spring and summer. This river, Rock Creek, is home to the Maryland Yacht club and sees a high volume of boat traffic.  Read more . . .
golden bridge

How I Overcame My Nerves and Thrived at a National Conference

Emily Russ • May 22, 2017
It was a chilly December morning in Baltimore as I boarded a plane bound for San Francisco. I held tightly my carry-on bag and poster tube, which contained the poster I would be presenting later in the week at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting. I had never attended AGU, and this was actually my maiden voyage to California.  Read more . . .
high school students display water samples taken in their schoolyard

What They Will Remember Ten Years From Now

Joel Bostic • March 6, 2017
Three years ago, I was beginning my final semester as an undergraduate and facing the daunting task of student-teaching high-school classes about earth and environmental science full time for 10 weeks. I often thought about what students should take away from my class. What do I want students to remember in ten years?  Read more . . .
photo of St. John's United Methodist Church, Deal Island

Understanding Methodist Heritage Can Inform Planning Climate Futures

Elizabeth Van Dolah • February 23, 2017
I recently sat down with a local waterman on one of the old weathered pews of the Joshua Thomas Chapel in Deal Island, Maryland. I was there to learn about the local heritage of the small fishing and farming communities that are spread across the low-lying marshy islands of the Deal Island Peninsula.   Read more . . .
Baltimore city bathymetry

Faster Computers, Better Data Key to Predicting Storm Surges Better

Fan Zhang • January 30, 2017
Storm surge is one of the most dangerous natural hazards in America, and it happens frequently. Just a few months ago, Hurricane Matthew generated significant storm surges from Florida to North Carolina, which caused extensive flooding and damage in coastal communities along its path.  Read more . . .