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Specialists at Maryland Sea Grant Extension are employing new technology to help groups of people engage in productive, deliberate communication. The weTable, based around the popular Nintendo Wii gaming platform, provides opportunities for individuals and organizations to share data, seek input, and support informed decision-making.

Our experts are available to support communities throughout Maryland in integrating this technology into their local planning efforts. That includes programs surrounding issues of land use, sea level rise, and watershed and floodplain management.

weTable fact sheet-page 1The weTable is easy to use and interact with. Using a projector mounted to a tripod, the technology can project the images on a computer screen onto virtually any surface -- like walls or tables. Participants can then interact with those images by pointing and clicking a "light" pen (just like a computer mouse), marking up maps, adding comments, and playing through various scenarios. For more information about using the weTable, read our fact sheet, Community Engagement with the weTable in Maryland.

If you would like to use a weTable for engaging your stakeholders, contact a Maryland Sea Grant Extension Watershed Restoration Specialist.


About the weTable

The weTable was pioneered by Placematters and Placeways, Inc, and developed with the support of the Texas Sea Grant College Program at Texas A&M University.