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Maryland Sea Grant publishes blogs, Chesapeake Quarterly magazine, and other publications and videos. Learn about scientific research and science-based practices that can help preserve the Chesapeake Bay and Maryland's coastal environment.

On the Bay: Chesapeake Quarterly's Blog

cover of Chesapeake Quarterly magazine, Volume 15 Issue 1
February 3, 2017

Chesapeake Quarterly’s Readers Speak: What Our Survey Found

Jeffrey Brainard
Some of you like Chesapeake Quarterly, Maryland Sea Grant's magazine, just the way it is. Others would like more graphics and photos. Here are highlights from our recent survey of the magazine's subscribers.

Fellowship Experiences: A Students' Blog

photo of St. John's United Methodist Church, Deal Island
February 23, 2017

Understanding Methodist Heritage Can Inform Planning Climate Futures

Elizabeth Van Dolah
I recently sat down with a local waterman on one of the old weathered pews of the Joshua Thomas Chapel in Deal Island, Maryland.

News Releases

image of book cover, Decoding the Deep Sediments, by Grace Brush
February 13, 2017

The sediments of Chesapeake Bay harbor a record of the estuary's ecology, from its “natural functioning” thousands of years before European colonization through post-Colonial settlement and the continuing forest clearance throughout the watershed.

Chesapeake Quarterly

June 2016

Watching the Bay & Beyond

Scientists began monitoring Chesapeake Bay weather conditions and water quality from a Solomons Island research pier in 1938. Almost 80 years later, the monitoring continues, providing long-term records that are essential to understanding the estuary and exposing future changes.

Headwaters Newsletter

headwaters v 3 iss 1
August 2016

Volume 3, Issue 4

Inside This Issue:
  • Bon voyage to a wonderful friend and colleague
  • Greening with consistency
  • Halfway there. . . midpoint assessment draws near
  • Cost share for homeowner practices? Coming soon to a city near you!
  • Preparing for winter
  • Who's your watershed specialist?

Sea Level Rise Report

cover, sea level rise report

Come High Water: Sea Level Rise and Chesapeake Bay

This special report offers a comprehensive look at the causes and consequences of increasing flooding along Maryland’s coasts. This package, produced by Maryland Sea Grant's magazine Chesapeake Quarterly in partnership with Bay Journal, examines the scientific understanding and projections of the rate of sea level rise in the Chesapeake region; effects on people and the environment; and adaptations and policy responses that are under way or under consideration.

Video Gallery

Forecasting Sea Level Rise for Maryland

In Maryland Sea Grant's video, scientists release new projections for future sea level rise for the Chesapeake Bay and for Maryland, Virginia, and nearby Mid-Atlantic coastal areas.