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Science Serving Maryland's Coasts

Fellowship Experiences

A blog by and about students supported by Maryland Sea Grant

research fellow, SAV study

Photograph by Debbie Hinkle
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Headshot of Sarah Cvach in front of a white board

The Joys of Being a Teaching Assistant

Sarah Cvach • December 6, 2019
This is the third semester of my master’s program in biology at Salisbury University, and it has been a long one. On top of completing my final sampling season, taking the last few classes, typing my manuscript, juggling a part-time job, and attempting to have some sort of social life, I also began a teaching assistantship.  Read more . . .
MDNR Shellfish Division surveying oysters

No Filter: Growing Concerns Over Sunscreen Chemicals

Ethan Hain • August 15, 2019
The active ingredients in sunscreens and some personal care products, a group of chemicals known as UV filters, have been in the eyes of the public and international regulators for their potential toxicity.   Read more . . .
A biofilms disk from the Inner Harbor under the microscope.

A Deeper Dive into Baltimore Harbor: Scientists take a closer look at the tiny particles living in the murky waters

Ana Sosa • August 5, 2019
Anyone who’s ever been to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor understands that there is a big trash problem in the city.  Read more . . .
Although I am slowly getting used to living and working in DC, it is still humbling being so close to such a rich part of our nation’s history. (photo credit Zoraida Perez-Delgado)

Changing Course: From Ocean Research to Ocean Policy

Maureen Brooks • July 9, 2019
​In January 2019, I was a graduate student at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science. I came to work each morning in jeans and a t-shirt and focused on my research: modeling the biology and physics of floating seaweed.  Read more . . .
Victoria Chanse, associate professor and master of landscape architecture program chair at University of Maryland, with graduate student Sebastian Velez-Lopez at a collaborative learning meeting with Smithville residents in Cambridge.

My Pursuit to Understand Society through Science (and Vice-Versa)

Daniel Teodoro • May 1, 2019
Sometimes I feel like great scientific insights are not having an impact in societal and governmental decisions. That is particularly the case for climate science, but it is also in different scientific fields (e.g., engineering, forensic science, smart cities, etc.). As researchers, we like to think we know better, and that if others would know what we know the world would be a better place.  Read more . . .