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Fellowship Experiences

A blog by and about students supported by Maryland Sea Grant

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Photograph by Debbie Hinkle
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An aerial image of the Upper Little Patuxent Creek

Studying Water From The Air: Learning to fly drones

Hayley Oakland • March 6, 2019
As a burgeoning aquatic ecologist and environmental scientist, I never anticipated needing to know how to fly a drone.  Read more . . .

Using Phytoplankton Communities to Track the Restoration of the Anacostia River

Samantha Gleich • February 25, 2019
I tend to think of phytoplankton as the “forests” of an aquatic environment. Much like trees in a terrestrial ecosystem, phytoplankton form the base of the aquatic food web and are critically important to the overall structure and function of an ecosystem.  Read more . . .
Noelle Olsen

The Four Busiest Months of My Knauss Fellowship

Noelle Olsen • February 18, 2019
By the time the Knauss fellowship begins in early February, fellows are at various stages of their graduate career: Law students may have graduated but are awaiting their Bar exam results; a Ph.D.  Read more . . .

In Puerto Rico, A Bioluminescent Bay Blacks Out

Aixa Alemán-Díaz • February 12, 2019
Is bioluminescence good or bad? Or are we not sure? Who knows about bioluminescence and what do they know about it? What is the relationship between bioluminescence, people and society?  Read more . . .
Half bushel of oysters

The Oyster – And The Contaminants That Can Affect It – Is My World

Ethan Hain • December 17, 2018
I stumbled into my father’s rubber work boots as I peered out over the Chesapeake Bay in the cold November morning.  His advice echoed through my ears, “If you’re early, you’re on time. If you’re on time, you’re late. If you’re late, you’re …” I’ve always found myself following his adage to a tee, which means I’d arrived at the Deal Island marina an hour before anyone else.  Read more . . .